About us

The mobile application Women In Mind – WIM is a social networking App. which links women to other women in their neighbourhoods. The idea behind this App. is for women to get to know the fabulous women living around them and to help and promote each other while having some fun.

What is a WIM neighbourhood?

When you register with your zip code, the WIM App. identifies a 5km diameter around you. This is your WIM neighbourhood.

How to surf the application?

WIM is a user friendly App., which allows you to ask neighbours about local services and get references, stay current on local news and events and meet other women in your neighbourhood. It also allows you to get to know the local talents and businesses. Also, if you are a local business owner, this is a great opportunity for you to promote your talent.

Media kit

We invite you to download our press kit, which presents information about Women In Mind and its mobile App., that can be used for editorial purposes.

Download our Media-kit

If you have further needs on information, please contact Geneviève Nadeau (info@womeninmind.com).

Why connect to tour neighbors: :

  1. To discuss a women issues that affect you
  2. To be in the know on what’s going on in your community
  3. To find a reliable, referenced babysitter, plumber, maid
  4. To have the opinion of your neighbors on a daycare, a restaurant, a course…
  5. To know the particular talents of the people around you
  6. To go out for girls’ night out your community out once in a while
  7. To advertise your garage sale
  8. To greet the fabulous ladies living around you at the grocery store
  9. Because it is good to know it’s good to know the ladies who live next door, down the street, and around the corner

What motivates us, what we believe in!

We believe in the power of the community. We believe that the people around us are an invaluable resource. We believe that women want to connect with their local life. We believe that having a sense of belonging to our community makes us happier. We believe that women want to help each other. We believe that the strength of a nation, a city, a neighborhood depends on the people who live there, their passions, their talents and the ease they have in sharing them. We believe that women lack time in a world where we run more and more. We believe connecting with enriched neighbors makes life easier. We believe in sharing, collective wealth, transparency and honesty.

Be an ambassador for her neighborhood!

To start a neighborhood, we are looking for women all over Quebec to initiate the movement locally!

Women In Mind highlights the fact that women want to live their daily life commensurate with their education, lifestyle and the quality of life they deserve. Women In Mind is a social movement built by women in response to the many challenges facing women today.

he WIM message is simple:

  • Let’s put our resources and our knowledge together and we will be more effective,
  • Let us share our experiences and we will be better equipped and better supported,
  • Let us multiply the opportunities to meet and we will have more fun, because that is the beauty of being next!!! ?

Why become an WIM ambassador:

  • Because you like your neighborhood
  • Because you believe that between women one can help one another, to motivate oneself, to propel oneself
  • Because you are looking for ways to invest in your community
  • To become an influencer in your neighborhood
  • To have the power to change things
  • To meet women around you, expand your network
  • To stimulate the local economy
  • To make you known through a noble and grandiose mission
  • To make an impact in people’s lives

If the WIM Movement appeals to you, write to us: info@womeninmind.com

The Founder

Geneviève Nadeau

Mom of two little loves, entrepreneur, sportsman, musician at my hours and wife of a husband who works like crazy, my biggest challenge is to keep the balance in this frantic and exciting rhythm.

In the past 10 years, I have founded and co-founded 3 companies and helped dozens of entrepreneurs realize their dream by supporting them in their finances, seeking financing, refining their business model and Helping them to structure their ideas while feeding their fire! Women In Mind is for me a concretization of the deep convictions that have inhabited me for 5 years. A project with grandiose values that reason in me inexpressibly.