An amazing women’s story!

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This is the story of many women. Mothers, spouses, single girls, entrepreneurs, artists. Women with a vision, dreamers, young and a little less. This is the story of women just like you and me. Women who were raised in a world where they were told the sky is the limit.

In today fast paced world, where family is sometimes far, and friends don’t always share the same priorities, managing everything all by ourselves is not simple. On whom can a girl count?  In this life where our neighbours were strangers, WIMis coming to your neighbourhood promising to connect women living in the same community.

Women in Mind (WIM) is a social network bringing women together in their own neighbourhood, promoting women helping each other. Our neighbours are an unending source of information and support. In a WIM neighbourhood, you are always only a click away from your neighbours’ best references or helping hands.

Imagine a community where the women connect and help each other, virtually and physically, on a daily basis. Now, you understand what WIM is all about.

The women in our community are the best to give us advice when we are looking for an electrician, a sitter, a hair stylist, or a good restaurant in the area.  They become our sport partners for a power walk or a run; they can lend an ear when we need to vent or join our voice when we need to defend what we deem important. .

Neighbours shop in the same stores, drive in the same neighborhoods, meet at their kids’ school, and enjoy the same city parks. We have a lot in common.

Imagine being able to count on the fabulous ladies living at walking distance from your home! Knowing each other is a blessing and it makes for an amazing city life! It feels so good to bring back this community lifestyle.

WIM is the story of women with dreams in a world where we have no limits… with the help of the girl next door.


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