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WIM Boutiques

Are you an artisan, a business woman, a self-employed provider or an artist? You’ll be happy to hear WIM is launching boutiques on its mobile application.

Ladies, if you want your talents or services to be known in your neighbourhood, WIM boutiques are THE solution! Launch your own WIM Boutique in your neighbourhood and you will be building a unique relation with your female neighbours.

Here’s how it works:

WIM offers you an exposure that goes beyond conventional ads for only 25$ a month (no inscription or cancelation fees). Here are 2 ways you can reach even more effectively the women in your area.

  1. Write an educational or informative paper. Share your expertise, teach us something or give us food for thought! This is in line with WIM’s philosophy and it’s also the best way to showcase your talents and knowledge.If you are a notary, tell us why we need a will. You are a music teacher, tell us about the benefits to expose children to music, etc.
  2. Offer WIMs an exclusive promotion. All women like special treats! When you offer something exclusively through WIM, you are pampering your neighbours and gaining exposure for your products and services. It’s really a great way to attract attention in your neighbourhood and gain new customers! So be creative!

The articles and exclusive offers from your boutique will be seen on the neighbourhood’s feed, so all women will see them.

Other advantages of WIM boutiques:

  1. Win the hearts of the women living in your neighbourhood! Your neighbours will be able to select “favourite” boutiques. These acknowledgments will be visible on your Boutique page. The more you have, the more credibility you gain in the neighbourhood. It’s “word of mouth” 2.0!
  2. You can also organize local events for the WIMs by coordinating with your neighbourhood’s ambassador. What a great way to gain exposure!


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