How to surf this App.?

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The mobile application Women In Mind – WIM is a social networking App. which links women to other women in their neighbourhoods. The idea behind this App. is for women to get to know the fabulous women living around them and to help and promote each other while having some fun.

What is a WIM neighbourhood?

When you register with your zip code, the WIM App. identifies a 5km diameter around you. This is your WIM neighbourhood.

How to surf the application?

WIM is a user friendly App., which allows you to ask neighbours about local services and get references, stay current on local news and events and meet other women in your neighbourhood. It also allows you to get to know the local talents and businesses. Also, if you are a local business owner, this is a great opportunity for you to promote your talent.

Screen shot Question Eng 600 x 960pngTHE QUESTIONS

Find your answers!

Do you need a babysitter? A plumber? Are you looking for a hair stylist? A cleaning lady ? A piano teacher? Are you looking for a sports partner to jog around your neigbourhood? Are you looking for a job ?


Screen shot News English 750 x 1334THE NEWS

Be in the know!

The outside tennis courts are now opened! There is a movie in the park tonight! The compost bins have arrived! There is a Farmers’ Market in town! A good article to share!
This is the place to share the local news and stay informed of what’s going on in your neighbourhood. You can post pictures or paste a link in this section.



Screen shot Event ENGLISH 640 x 1136THE WIM EVENTS
Meet the fabulous ladies living around you!

WIM, is more than virtual. The occasional cocktails and get togethers give you a chance to meet your neighbours, socialize, have fun and pamper yourself!

Each WIM neighbourhood has designated ambassadors who organise various local events, often in collaboration with a local business.




Buy local!

Are you an artist? Do you own a boutique in town? Do you make the best birthday cakes? Are you a music teacher? Do you dream to start your own business?   Create your WIM Boutique!

This is the place to find the local boutiques and learn the best trade secrets! Read the articles and find out the exclusive offers from your local boutiques. The notary can write on why you need a will, the chiroprator can write on how to prevent back pain, etc.


IMG_1377 (2)


The more, the merrier!

Spread the word about WIM. Invite all the fabulous ladies around you to join the network by downloading the WIM App.

When you log on the App., you will be able to see your WIM neighbours, the local boutiques and access the blog. You can also use a feature on the WIM mobile application to invite your Facebook girlfriends. When you click on your picture, you can update your profile and log off (but come back soon!).


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